Sign up for a scentbird free trial if you are mad about perfume

scentbird free trial

If you are mad about perfume then maybe you have also suffered as a result of your undying passion. Go across the mall or to your favorite department store’s prestigious fragrance counters, and what do you see. You see pretty much every iconic brand you can imagine. You jump for joy and gleefully whip out the charge card; because there is no way that you can afford to dole out cash for these right now. What will you do when you meet up with your girlfriends later on for a juicy salad or a heartwarming latte?

There is no comfort in telling your girlfriends that you are broke. So, you splurge with your card and you make them love you even more. But someone always seems to get jealous. She will giggle selfishly if she should discover that even though you smell so gorgeous you are still flat broke. You have maxed out on your cards again, haven’t you? You need not do this, really. If you want to have the best of the world of your favorite perfumes, you could always do yourself the favor and no harm to your purse, by signing up for a scentbird free trial.

And if you like what you see and scent – oh, by the way, what is there not to like if you are made about parfuum – you can always sign up for a full membership. This gives you regular access to selected fragrances of the month, all for a small monthly fee, much less than the service charges on your card or your next Caesars. Now you can pay up those cards, save it for a rainy day, or just simply cut them up.