Just by following this review by Leanrunnerbean sets you on the path towards protein enrichment without the meat

This short motivational article is for those men and women who wish to give up the consumption of meat altogether. It is also mainly driven towards those men and women who wish to shed excess weight at this time and naturally improve their fitness levels before going on to successfully maintain their weight and fitness levels. But the conundrum remains for those who want to give up meat altogether. Their motivations for wanting to do this are mostly quite noble.

They now have growing concerns for not just their own health but for saving, improving and then preserving their natural environment. They were both motivated and inspired by a lot of what they read and heard about the organic lifestyle and all the organic materials, especially the food, that goes with it. But they also learned from health-oriented dieticians and nutritionists that in order to lose weight and improve fitness levels successfully, they need to be focused now more than ever before on boosting their protein levels.

this review by Leanrunnerbean

They have correctly learned that a lot of the daily protein is derived from meat sources such as beef, chicken and fish. It has been recommended that they focus on acquiring organic sources of meat only. But a more esthetic concern has taken hold on them. This, among other personal and spiritual reasons, is why they want to give up meat altogether. But little did they know that if, after following this review by Leanrunnerbean, they could thrive without having to rely on meat consumption.

Skeptics on the essence of being vegan, not vegetarian, have yet to prove that man and woman is harmed or made deficient by relying solely on legumes, gluten free oats, and vegetables for their protein requirements.